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Eilean Donan Castle

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Coats of arms and family trees...........

Castles of Scotland

Coats of arms and family trees

Artist Susi Galloway paints family coats of arms and family trees .These FAQ give more information about her work .
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Q: I would like a coat of arms, but don't know if my family has one or how it looks ?

A: If you do not know if a coat of arms exists for your family research needs to be done. I can help you to contact the necessary archives, records or put you in touch with a local researcher.

Q: I do have a coat of arms but don't know it's color. How can I determine its colors?

A: If you do not know your coat of arms colors more research needs to be done. I can help you to contact the necessary archives, records or put you in touch with a local researcher.

Q: My family does not have a coat of arms, can you design one for us?

A: Yes, I am a heraldic artist and I design new coat of arms, as well as creating artistic renditions of old ones.

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Q: What sort of information do you need to research my family tree or coat of arms?

A: To begin such research birth/ wedding/ death documents of your parents or grandparents would be required. The more available information the better. If you have never done any research I would need existing data regarding the family that needs to be researched. This would include name, surname, birth, wedding and death dates. Also profession, confession and related family traditions can play an important role.

Q: Can I see a copy of my coat of arms / family tree before I commission you?

A: A written agreement and payment is required for me to start any work. Samples of the quality of my work are on display on this website.

Q: What about do your prices and delivery times?

A: My products and services are matched with your individual wishes and requests, therefore I can not publish a fixed price list. Here is however a guideline on my prices:

  • Per hour of research $ 50.00 plus expenses.
  • Hand painted Family Trees range from $1500 to $6000 and up.
  • Hand painted Coat of Arms range from $ 420.00 to $ 850 and up.
  • (payment can be made online by credit card)
I take a great effort and concern to comply with your wishes asquick as possible. I have to add however, that researching a coat ofarms or family tree, can take a great amount of time and can varyespecially when it goes a few hundred years back. In this case itcould take months. Artwork is delivered within 4 to 8weeks.

Q: I wish to obtaina Coat of Arms / Family Tree . How do I proceed?

A: 1. If you haveany additional questions fill out an onlinefeedback form2. Based on your request, I will determine the work and cost involvedin a project. 3. A written agreement and payment is required for meto start any work. Payments are accepted online via credit cards.Whatever your wishes may be, I will make an effort to comply withthem and look forward to answer any further questions you may haveconcerning to my services or products.

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